Things to Watch out When Choosing Low Cost Web Hosting Services

February 3, 2009
It is the norm these days for people to work on a tight budget. Businessmen who venture into e-commerce are no exception. Luckily for them, there are now affordable web hosting available, thanks to the competitive nature of the web hosting market. As a businessman, it should be your utmost concern to get only the highest quality web hosting for your website. Because there are a lot of web hosting companies in the Internet these days, these companies are compelled to come up with packages that have prices appealing to the public to keep up with the competition. This means that it is possible for website owners to find good deals for their hosting needs. However, you shouldn’t just choose a service for its price. There are some things that you should consider. These conside...[read more]

Cheap Web Hosting Plans Are a Great Alternative to Intranet Communication for Small Companies

February 3, 2009
Cheap web hosting plans aren’t just for ecommerce sites anymore. Many small companies are using them to reduce costs by increasing communication between locations via the Internet. With the cost of cheap web hosting going down to less than $7 per month, small businesses are finding it cost effect to have an internal web site strictly for their own communication between locations.  Large companies that have multiple offices generally already do this. They use what is called an intranet communication system to communicate between offices. This is usually a system on the web that also incorporates hand held devices so that offices and sales people in remote locations can report in to the main of...[read more]

What to do When the Free Site Builder from Your Low Cost Web Site Hosting Company Doesn’t Work

February 1, 2009
Most low cost web site hosting companies offer a free web site builder, which sounds like a good deal, and in a way, it is. This is because the free site builder is configured to work well with the operating system so you won’t have the problems that you might have if you try to launch a site with third party software like FrontPage. However, if you try to build a site with the free site builder, you will quickly realize its limitations. The really neat features that were promised are all there, so why does your website look sort of mediocre? The reason for this is that all a free site builder will really produce is static pages with maybe some Flash. If you were depending on this web si...[read more]

Selling Your Soul: Your Guide To Web Hosting Contracts

December 7, 2008
When you are going through the purchase process with your favorite cheap web hosting reseller, it is easy to want to hit the "next" button through everything so you can start setting up your web sites and web hosting reseller accounts. But, push the pause button for just one minute and examine your web hosting contract before adding your credit card information. You could be committing to a longer term than you are comfortable or even be missing out on a great deal. Many cheap web hosting reseller companies will offer package renewals and contracts. There is no signature for these required, but your credit card will be charged until the agreement has been fulfilled. S...[read more]

HELP ME! – A Guide to Resources for Web Designers using Cheap Web Hosting

December 6, 2008
First and foremost, you will run into problems when bringing your website online. You should know this because it is absolutely inevitable. Everyone does. Not only are you not alone, but there is a slew of resources you can tap into for assistance to work out the bugs and quirks with your web site. Your first resource should be your cheap web hosting company. Have them on speed dial! Even discount web hosting companies and budget web hosting companies can offer you some technical advice and support. If your site is not acting properly, ask them for some general advice or assistance. They might only be able to tell you that there is a problem with your code. At least this narrows down...[read more]

How to Find Budget Web Hosting in the US

December 5, 2008
A good website forms an important part of your business and the website acts as a major recognizing factor of your company. So you must find a suitable cheap web hosting provider on whom you can rely so that you get an attractive result. This task many times seems like an off-putting one especially for those who have no idea about web page designing. And also there are many budget web hosting sites in the US so the task becomes all the more difficult to choose the best among those. If you search on the web you will find a lot of sites and among that InMotion is a good option where you will get useful budget hosting information. You can use the site as a useful guide to get information about ho...[read more]

How to find Low Cost Hosting and Web Design that can help your Business Prosper

December 3, 2008
In the past most small scale businesses could never get their site online because of the costs to design the site through a web designer and the costs involved with maintaining web servers.  But nowadays, with the emergence of low cost web hosting, anyone can utilize a website to make their business known by a larger audience. There are many affordable web hosting companies which offer not just extreme usability, but also high quality service. The good thing about this is you will get it in cheaper price. While some people are still skeptical about this kind of market, worrying that the quality may not come good, experts reveal that high-priced web hosting companies do not usually...[read more]

It’s All Greek To Me: Choosing the Right Web Language

November 13, 2008
If you are building your first website or working on your portfolio of thousands of pages, choosing the proper language which language will make up your site is one of the most important decisions you will make.  There are so many languages that compliment each other or clash.  Largely, your decision should be based on the functions and features you plan to implement as well as the knowledge you or your web designer have of your chosen language.  Also, you will want to ensure that your low cost web hosting supports your chosen language. Here are a few questions to ask yourself or your web designer in the process of choosing a web language:
  • Will my site need to communicate with a database? If so, what type of database? ...[read more]

How To Become A Blogger in 5 Easy Steps

November 11, 2008
So you have ideas, skills, or a product that you are anxious to let the whole world know about?  Or perhaps you would just like to keep your friends and family update on your life events through a nice web portal.  Becoming a blogger can be a bit daunting, especially if you are not an experienced web professional.  This article will attempt to line out the steps involved to become a blogger, with no professional experience needed.
  1. First, you should decide on your medium. Yes, there are literally hundreds of ways to get your blog on the internet.  Blogger, Livejournal, Facebook, Myspace all offer free blogging tools to get your site online.  There are several disadvantages to choosing a service ...[read more]

Building An Online Presence with SEO

November 10, 2008
If you are a business owner or just looking to start a business, you have probably already realized the power that the internet holds when it comes to expanding your business and growing your market.  Because there are no real geographic restrictions on a website, business owners can tap markets that were previously out of the question.  However, this presents challenges of its own.  How do you prevent yourself from getting lost in a sea of internet queries and sales web sites? Once you have purchased low cost web hosting services, gotten your site built and uploaded, and established a domain name to point to your site, many new users will just sit back and wait for the sales to come in.  Unfortunately, there is a g...[read more]
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